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 Brendan Buckley - Shakira

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Brendan Buckley was born in Morristown, New Jersey on March 13, 1974, to his Korean mother Soon Ja Kim, and his Irish-American father Dennis Buckley. His early formal musical education on piano and trumpet came from public schools, while later learning the drums from the father/son teaching team of Sonny and Tommy Igoe. He attended Mt. Arlington Public School (MAPS) in Mt. Arlington. He then went to Roxbury High School and graduated with the Class of 1992.

At the age of 18, he packed his car and moved to Miami, Florida to attend the University of Miami's School of Music. While there, he became immersed in the city's diverse rock, Latin, and jazz scenes. At the time of graduation, he released an album and toured with the rock band Fulano De Tal (bmg), featuring singer/songwriter Elsten Torres. A year later, he played drums with Julio Iglesias (the papa) for his "Tango" tour. Brendan ended this tour to record an album for the Colombian popstar Shakira; an album that became "Dónde Están Los Ladrones". Since then, he has done four more albums and three tours with the South American artist. During that span of years, Brendan also found time to record with DMX, Lauren Hill, Gloria Estefan, Spam All-Stars, Nil Lara, Mariana Ochoa, Julio Iglesias Jr, Alejandra Guzmán, Alih Jey, Zach Zisken, The Kind, Popvert, Clambake 2000, Monte Rosa, B.D. Lenz, Diane Ward, Raw B. Jae, Sixo, Pedro Suarez Vertiz, Soledad, Natalia Oriero, Fernando Osorio, Alicastro, Leo Quintero, Gayle Ritt, Pete Masitti, Shalim, and Maria Bestár.

In 2004, Brendan moved out west to the city of Los Angeles. Upon arriving, he immediately joined the experimental rock band Pedestrian. Their work together can be heard on the album "Ghostly Life". At the same time, Brendan also began touring with the actress Minnie Driver for her "Pocket" tour. During those years, Brendan continued his work both in the studio and live with Shakira, Popvert, and the Spam Allstars, while also producing records for Fulano (*grammy-nominated), Volumen Cero, and The Kind.

In 2007, Brendan joined the Irish folk-rock artist Damien Rice for his "9 Crimes" world tour. This was followed by tours with broadway star Idina Menzel, former La Ley frontman Beto Cuevas, and the songsmith Daniel Powter. During these years, Brendan also had the opportunity to work with Ozomatli, Gary Jules, Peter Himmelman, Susie Suh, Wyclef Jean, Gustavo Cerati, Alejandro Sanz, Kristin Mooney, Rami Jaffee, Richard Page, Laura Jansen, Peter Bradley Adams, Michael Mangia, Devil Doll, Shira Myrow, Jimena Angel, Kelly Sweet, Cherie, Brie Larson, Jennifer Peña, Kudai, G6, Sarah Packiam, and Daniela Spalla; while doing TV commercial jingles for Reebok, Pepsi, Hyundai, Marshalls, and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.

Recently, Brendan has just finished producing the new album from the artist Michael Miller called "I Made You Up".

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