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 Emmanuelle Capplette

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Emmanuelle Caplette made her debut at the age of 9 years old with the drum corps. For eight years she played snares with different groups from Quebec. It is during this years that she won many awards including first place at the Provincial individual Championship Interpretation of Quebec, for four consecutive years. Upon her entry at Drummondville College, she studied drums in pop/jazz style with Camil Bélisle.

 2001 was her first year at Drummondville College she participated at the "Cégep en spectacle" and won the prestigious award of l'OFQJ ( Office Franco Québécois pour la jeunesse) with her duo Drummologue. In 2002, She opened the Montreal Drum Festival with her duo.

In 2003 she was chosen to represent Drummondville college in a rising star contest at the Montreal Drumfest. Following her college diploma she decided to continue her studies at the University of Montreal in pop/jazz interpretation with Paul Brochu. At the end of her first year at the University Emmanuelle was hired by the troop Cavalia (For American Tour 2005-2006) which was composed by Michel Cusson.

The big adventure started for Emmanuelle in 2007 with the realization of her objectives, she got the opportunity to play drums on television and go on different tours, she participated two years in a row at the "Gala des Jutras", she also played drums at Quebec's National Day ( St-Jean-baptiste ) The host was Normand Brathwaite. The same year she went on tour with IMA (Smile) and Marilou ( Tout simplement).

Since 2008, Emmanuelle was hired to play in a new children television show with Annie Brocoli "The Broco Show" on Radio Canada (CBC French). Her participation brought her to meet extraordinary people like Quebec's producer Guy Tourville, he gave her the chance of a lifetime to record her two first single on the radio. She then recorded the entire album of the Broco show.

Emmanuelle is currently on tour "A La Vida" with Ima. You can see her in the second season of Broco Show with Annie Brocoli on Radio-Canada.

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