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To date, drummer Aaron Comess, a founding member of the Grammy nominated, ten million plus album selling band Spin Doctors, has played on, written on and/or produced over fifty albums with an acclaimed and diverse roster of artists such as, Joan Osborne, Bilal, Rachael Yamagata, New York Electric Piano, Isaac Hayes, Marc Cohen and Chris Whitley.

As a kid growing up in Dallas Texas, Comess expressed an interest in playing the drums early on. While most kids beg their parents into buying them a drum set only to smash around on the kit for a few weeks before boredom and frustration set in, Comess' experience was entirely different. Starting lessons at the age of nine on a drum pad, it was only after two years of diligent practice that his parents agreed to buy him a used drum kit.

Comess' talent was evident early on; he continued studying throughout high school at Arts Magnet; Downbeat magazine awarded him Outstanding Jazz Musician two consecutive years. Upon graduating, he left Texas and spent a year at Berklee College of Music and then continued on at The New School located in New York City, which to date is where Comess lives and operates his recording studio: His House Studios.

Comess is best known for his work with the Spin Doctors, who he still plays with today. He is responsible for playing on all of and co-writing many of their songs; the band recently put out their fifth studio album titled. Nice Talking To Me.

His newest creative endeavor, Catskills Cry, marks drummer Aaron Comess' debut instrumental album. Armed with a years worth of original material written and influenced by a variety of landscapes from Anguilla, to Manhattan to the Catskill Mountains, the album takes listeners through a myriad of lush, ethereal, moody, intensely appealing songs.

Of his time spent recording with acclaimed bass player Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, John Lennon, King Crimson) and accomplished Guitarist Bill Dillon (Joni Mitchell, Robbie Robertson, Daniel Lanois) Comess says, "To be able to have my material played by Bill Dillon and Tony Levin was an amazing experience. Besides being experienced sidemen, we're all composers and understand the value of creative interpretation. The chemistry was apparent from the first note".

A welcome addition to the world of instrumental music, Catskills Cry is an album worthy of some serious attention and listening time. It equally reflects Comess' diversity and talent as a performer and his open and forward thinking approach to playing and composing music: "I like music with no boundaries... the well to draw from is getting thicker and thicker, full of great musical resources. I love that more and more artists are bridging the gap between genres and synthesizing them - creating something new and fresh".

Currently Comess endorses Zildjian Cymbals, Regal Tip sticks and Remo drumheads. He has appeared on the covers of Rolling Stone and Modern Drummer magazines. He lives in New York City, where he often gigs and records with a variety of eclectic bands. Comess produces and teaches out of his recording studio, His House, as well.

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