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 Expo Sound Check Mexico DF Abril 2010

Cymbag attended the 2010 edition of the Expo Sound Check at the World Trade Center in Mexico, four of our artists were called by Yamaha and Paiste to play, Ndugu Chancler, Luis Mario Garza, Gilberto Bruno Bressa and Castillo.

Cymbag artists: Ndugu Chancler and Cymbag astists: Ndugu Chancler and

Ndugu Chancler was the guest of honor, this year Paiste celebrates 39 years sponsoring Ndugu Chancler.

He also made a couple of clinics in Guadalajara and Chiapas. The event was also attended by Ed Clift who is the sales manager Paiste.

On Tuesday April 27, the main event of the Expo Sound Check began with Nathan East, this guy has played with practically everyone: George Harrison, BB King, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Eric Clapton, Herbie Hancock, to name few.

After the Nathan East clinic the soundcheck of Ndugu Chancler and Friends Show began.

Ndugu Chancler, Luis Mario Garza (Pesado), Bruno Bressa (Volovan) and Gilberto Castillo (Kalimba) with other drummers of Mexico such as Elohim Corona (Moderatto), Alfonso Andre (Jaguares), Mario Garcia (Big Band de Mexico), Rodrigo Vieira (DLD) and Eduardo Carrillo (Agora) rehearsed a day before with an excellent band.

In 30 min the "sound check" ended, they opened the doors and the crowd filled the all room. Each of the nine drummers played a song with the same band. Here is where experience and mastery of the instrument is tested. There is no need to do a drum solo to know who plays and who don´t.

Bruno Bressa Volovan´s drummer, chose "Good Times Bad Times" Led Zeppelin classic, when Bruno began to play everyone look at him, with a loud volume and incredible musicality, Bruno took the applause not only from people in the room but also Paiste´s Ed Clift, who congratulate him after the event.

Cymbag - Bruno Bressa from Volovan Cymbag - Bruno Bressa from Volovan

Then Gilberto Castillo who plays with Kalimba went up to the stage, he played "Georgie Porgie", Gilberto showed that a solid groove can be spiced with powerful arrangements without disassembling the main idea. Excellent technique and knowledge of their instrument.

Luis Mario Garza took the stage to fill the room with funk!, he play the most difficult song of the night, Tower of Power's "Down to the Night Club". David Garibaldi recorded the song and he was also a composer. The song sounded powerful and tight, Luis Mario enjoyed the song a lot.

Ndugu Chancler who along with Natah East were the guests of honor, took the stage to play, and give a lesson on how a song should sound playing only what is necessary.

"Sldege Hammer" by Peter Gabriel was the song they chose, and when Ndugu Chancler played the snare in the first backbeat he had the audience in his hands, each of the notes played transmitting his vast experience, solid time, a perfect groove. Chancler Nudgu told me during dinner, that he doesn´t recorded the song, but he plays it because he love that song.

In the same show also played: Elohim Corona "Moderatto" Alfonso Andre of "Jaguar" and Mario Garcia of the Big Band of Mexico, all excellent musicians. Now, they know about Cymbag, we hope to have you hear from them soon.

Ndugu Chancler and Friends will conclude with an autograph signing.

Cymbag artist: Ndugu Chancler

The next week we will be in Memphis in the
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