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 The NAMM Show



Being involved in a project like NAMM is great . We do believe in the benefits of Cymbags, that really are the ideal protector to any kind of cymbal of any brand, besides that you can handle it without gloves and you could translate it in a hardcase or softcase, but that´s not the sbject in this blog post.


The main topic is NAMM. In theory NAMM receives more than 80,000 visitors every year, to se the products, news and inventions of 15,000 exhibitors gathered. It´s really impressive. Our booth in NAMM 2010 was #2351, very close to Pearl´s booth and DW´s booth.

It was amazing seeing so many drummers together in a very small area ("the" drum area). To our booth, went more than 500 people, some of them really interested in the product some of them just curious. But the thing is that more than 20 different countries say hello to us in the four days that last the NAMM show. Let´s see, some of them were from USA (of course), Mexico, Italy, Thailand, Costa Rica, England, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Finland, Hong Kong, India, etc. and those countries who are not mentioned in here, all of them, we want to say thank you for visit us in our first Cymbag-NAMM show this 2010, in Anaheim, California. We really hope to see you next year.

We all, the Cymbag team, want to say to every drummer in the world that Cymbag protectors are really cool and practical, it's not just a dust protector, it's more than that. Check it out why drummers like Waldo Madera (Juanes's drummer), Derico Watson (Victor Wooten's drummer), Carmine Appice (Black Sabbath's drummer), Marco Minnemann (independent drummer), Terry Bozio (Frank Zappa's drummer), Peter Erskine (jazz drummer), Thomas Pridgen (Mars Volta's drummer), among others, know the Cymbag and it's benefits with a smile in their faces. Cymbag team wants to every drummer in the world know this new and cool product named Cymbag because it really worth it.

If you want to know more about Cymbag product, just surf this site

Cymbag Staff
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